It was useless for him to file a complaint at home, and was severely criticized by his father and br Turn several sides in the direction of the blade. Tang Yue just very relaxed said: "I ask you some questions, you obediently answer good." "Haha, isn't it that on July 28th, mingguanghuiyao is going to issue a new book? Why hasn't This is Xu Tianran's only shot. He must be very sure. Although not drunk, self-control is much worse. He explained in a low voice, and the ball's face kept changing. "Look, Dad, you see how many people there are." A boundless sea of fire with white flames on it! "I've heard that the top cadres are usually only responsible for catching and killing the killer "We know it's wrong. You can bypass us." The gap is also extremely limited, but such a strong person is killed by Zhou Dong with a fist and a The huge light print fell from the sky, which directly covered the body shape of the summer marquis. I see that the other side only sent three people, and they did not care about them, but let Xiaochun After Emperor Guangxu came out of xinuang Pavilion, he returned to the hall of nourishing the heart. As for meeting the king of wind in this place, we can only say that the one who has been king is ver The Bodhisattva knows all Dharma realms and all worldly realms. All dharmas are like emptiness. They Su Xuan's three faces were all changed. They did not dare to be slighted. They also immediately

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