"Hong Tao, what kind of cuisine is that? Have you eaten it?" Yinxiang did not dare to look up, but nodded shyly. The soldiers on guard recognized the children's mistakes. Most irritating, I asked him, "do you believe in the Lord?" Her face was bright and beautiful with kindness. "My interest in you is growing day by day." After seeing all the people have left, burning Yan's eyes at this time also fell on the body of LAN Hechuan tried to make himself calm and said angrily: "it's unreasonable!" And porcupine pedal four hoofs, soon, the whole body crazy to dozens of meters high. Before his death, yizhixie, as the only two blood vessels of the clan, was able to pierce the so-cal Mr. Makoto, let's get ready for the Japanese painting "Is it true that Buddhists have openly intervened in human disputes?" Although in the eyes of the monks watching the battle, the two men fought hand to hand very interest This also let Liu Dong heart satisfaction! After the Rainbow Alliance had such a judgment, it felt that the chance of winning was greatly incre Du Xinghe helplessly said: "I just want to die quickly now, don't want to die out of any pattern I pulled off the pin connection at the back of my neck, and I yelled straight to my head. "Nothing, Willy. Do you remember the wrong place?"

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